The Earners (Yesway x Frazer)

The Earners (Yesway x Frazer) launches new hot single “Splashing”!

Emerging out of the Toronto rap scene, YESWAY makes it clear that there are no limits when it comes to his artistry and the music he’s creating. Born in Toronto and raised in Sauga City, his music is a direct reflection of his come up, struggle, hustle and rise to success. “There is dimension to my sound and my music.” YESWAY is a representation of freedom and limitlessness. Yesway talks about the real struggle of what it takes to rise from the street and get into the world of success. An experience he wishes to share with the world with his lens.

Mississauga based artist Frazer, has shown his vast creativity through music and fashion for several years. Growing up with family members in the music industry, Frazer, has allowed himself to tap into his artistic side and express his love and passion towards music. Frazer likes to stay versatile with the genres he chooses to keep creating and embracing his artistic visions.


The Earners (Yesway x Frazer) – Splashing is a master piece that showcases Yesway and Frazer’s love for music and passion towards life and the hustle culture.

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